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Marketing to College Students

Everything you need to know to market to college students in 2019

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College Student's Most Loved Brands

The brands that college students love the most and why they support

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Technology Brands & Trust

Which technology brands are most trusted by college students and why

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Campus Recruiting Guide

How to make your company attractive to today’s college students

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Top 50 Companies College Students Want to Work for

A corporate reputation report showing student perceptions in a competitive context.

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The Future of Remote Work

Young workers are demanding more flexibility from their employers, including where they can work.

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Financial Lives of College Students

What types of financial decisions are college students dealing with and how do they manage them

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How College Students Manage their Finances

How college students think about and manage their finances

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College Student’s Top Spending Categories

The top categories that college students spend their money on

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News Consumption and Trust

How college students consume the news, where they go and who they trust the most

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Social Media Tracker

Real-time analytics into what social media platform usage among college students

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Video Streaming Services

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Free Speech on College Campuses

How college students feel about the state of free speech on their campuses

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2020 Election Tracker

How college students feel about the 2020 Presidential candidates

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How Student’s Political Preferences are Influenced

What types of media, people, and experiences influence college students political preferences

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Student Life

Student Loan Debt

How much debt do college students have and how do they plan to pay it down

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How Students use Media & Technology to Relieve Stress

What media and technology platforms college students turn to to blow off steam

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How Students use Tech & Media for Health & Wellness

In what ways do college students leverage technology and media for health goals

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College Students views on Ride-sharing

How do college students feel about ride sharing and how they decide when to use

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Sexual Behavior on College Campuses

What does sex look like on campus and how students feel about it

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Digital Habits

What are college students most entrenched digital habits

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